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Pastoral Ministries
Where Christianity Is A Reality... Not A Religion!

Where Christianity Is A Reality... Not A Religion!
Pastoral Ministries, under the direction of Pastor Tom Webster, is a specialized, interfaith, non-denominational service and ministry of spiritual care to individuals facing spiritual, emotional, and physical life circumstances. Pastor Webster, an Ordained Licensed Minister, provides experienced spiritual guidance and assistance for a wide array of Sacred Occasions.

+ Funeral Service Minister
+ Wedding Ceremonies
+ Wedding Vow Renewals
+ Family, Love, Baby, Children Dedications
+ Holy Day Observations
+ New Home & House Blessings

Pastoral Ministries understands the pastorate to be a "holy work", expressing God's love and concern for humankind by developing good relationships, offering moral support, and making available the opportunity for spiritual counsel and guidance. Spiritual care through pastoral ministry includes careful listening, helping one realize God's presence and love in the midst of uncertainty.

+ Hospice Chaplain
+ Funeral Service Minister
+ Loss, Grief, & Bereavement
+ Memorial Services
+ Death Notifications

Christianity Is A Reality... Not A Religion!

Pastoral Ministries believes that spiritual care must be negotiated with each person served, taking into consideration one's life history, world view, and faith-based system. Pastoral Ministry provides spiritual and emotional support by offering a caring touch, encouraging the expression of one's feelings, honoring one's religious questions, and incarnating the love of God to the world.